The Elite Research Network serves as a central point of contact through which a sponsor or CRO can access more than 175 investigators. 

This allows feasibility, site identification and study start up to occur at an accelerated pace.


The Elite Research Network works closely with our clients to determine if a study is feasible at our sites and, if so, to forecast the anticipated enrollment rate. Our broad network can also provide valuable feedback on the protocol, highlighting where the study may encounter real-world challenges and offering recommendations to overcome them. We provide honest, data driven feasibility based on access to patient populations and our extensive experience. Feasibility questionnaires are turned around in 48 hours or less.

Site Identification

For each individual study, the Elite Research Network rapidly identifies and prequalifies appropriate sites. Identification of appropriate investigators from the network is completed within 48 hours or less.

Per Patient Budgets

The Elite Research Network helps our clients build per patient estimates during the planning phase of a study. These can be turned around to our clients in 72 hours or less. For certain studies, our sites will agree to one, centrally negotiated per patient budget and common contract language in order to streamline the negotiating process and decrease study start up time lines.

Quality Assurance

In addition to our sites’ internal QA departments, the Elite Research Network has implemented a Clinical Site Quality Standards Program across all sites. This includes Standard Operating Procedures, Clinical Site Training Programs, Corrective and Preventative Action (CAPA) Programs, and independent audits to ensure the standards are being met.

Call Center

Patient recruitment is often the most challenging aspects of a clinical trial. To address this challenge, the Elite Research Network offers call center services for recruitment, retention, and compliance purposes.

Our bi-lingual staff focuses exclusively on inbound and outbound calls for clinical trials. The call center has eight full-time employees and averages 15,000 phone calls per month. We operate from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily, however, both staffing and hours of operation are flexible to accommodate specific protocol needs.

The staff at our call center is supported by sophisticated technology that tracks all sources of initial contact, whether from local phone numbers or websites. Capturing such metrics allows our clients to quantify their return on outreach investment and continuously improve their outreach efforts. The center also features a very broad bandwidth fiber optic internet connection, nearly 100 phone lines, and a phone system with cutting-edge routing and tracking that is “screen-pop” enabled.
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